Kansas City Ballet Presents Giselle Oct. 14-23

An ethereal ballet classic that just may give you the Wilis!

Giselle Promo – Logo – B-Roll 2022 from Kansas City Ballet on Vimeo.

Choreography by Devon Carney

after Marius Petipa, Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot

Music by Adolphe Adam

A tale of innocent love, gasping breaths of betrayal and heartbreak, cathartic retribution of ghostly women, and ultimately the peaceful sigh of forgiveness. Giselle is an alluring concoction of human emotion brought to life by Kansas City Ballet this fall. Opening October 14 and running through October 23 in the Muriel Kauffman Theatre at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.

Tickets start at $34. Student Rush is available.



As the first romantic ballet, Giselle is complex both for its technical requirement as well as the dramatic expression work. While maintaining its classical essence the choreography has been reinterpreted by Artistic Director Devon Carney. The performance will be accompanied by live music from the Kansas City Symphony under the direction of Kansas City Ballet Music Director Ramona Pansegrau. Much like men compelled to dance to their deaths, audiences will be entranced by this performance.

According to Kansas City Ballet Artistic Director Devon Carney: “Giselle is a one-of-a-kind production that is near and dear to me, having played all male roles including the lead, Albrecht. At 181 years old, this masterpiece is one of the oldest continually performed classics in the world of ballet. My approach to this work has been entirely about the preservation of style and artistic intent. Presenting great classical works is a key part of my artistic vision. It remains one of the most popular works of the dance canon for a reason: It is a love story full of endearing pas de deux, gorgeous and challenging solos, and one of the most renowned and ethereal corps de ballet scenes in the history of dance. I am happy to have our company perform my interpretation of this classical favorite that is sure to please our audiences.”

Giselle, derived from the Germanic word, gisil, meaning “hostage” or “pledge,” is the story of a peasant girl who falls in love with a disguised nobleman. Despite being betrothed to another, the nobleman pursues Giselle. When his ruse is revealed, Giselle, already of a weak heart, falls into madness and dies of a broken heart. Her thwarted spirit is then raised by the Wilis, the spirits of women betrayed by men, who force them to dance to their deaths. Riddled with grief the nobleman visits Giselle’s grave where the wilis set their sights on him. Giselle’s love ultimately saves him from his death.


MISSION: To Inspire and Engage Through the Beauty, Power & Passion of Dance

VISION: Outstanding Dance Experiences Accessible to All

Founded in 1957, Kansas City Ballet is a professional ballet company led by Artistic Director Devon Carney and Executive Director Jeffrey J. Bentley. Kansas City Ballet is an indispensable community asset through exceptional performances, excellence in dance training and quality community education programs for all ages. Kansas City Ballet is home to Kansas City Ballet School which, with an enrollment of more than 2,000 children and adults, offers professional training for the career-minded student as well as for those simply seeking a healthy lifestyle.

Through the professional company, second company (KCB II & Trainees), and community engagement and education programs, Kansas City Ballet seeks to nurture and develop artists, audiences, and students in the values inherent in the creativity, diversity, and joy of dance. The company’s home, the Todd Bolender Center for Dance & Creativity, in conjunction with our Resident Company status at the world-class Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, positions Kansas City as a destination for dance.

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