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We’re really excited you’re here so we can tell you all about what we do! KC Live Arts is passionate about sharing and supporting the arts in the Kansas City area. We want to keep the arts alive and make sure Kansas City has an idea of what’s going on in their backyard from week to week.

The Performing Arts Marketing Group (PAMG) is comprised of several performing arts organizations in the Greater Kansas City area. The purpose is to better promote the performing arts and diverse live arts events by serving as a one-stop access point for audiences and patrons. By using our collective assets as innovative marketers, PAMG researches and shares what works in marketing the performing arts – implementing well-executed and effective campaigns, ideas, and strategies. Using our united strength to benefit our separate organizations through the understanding that we are often stronger together as a group than as separate entities.

The awesome live arts organizations near you that we happily to support, help share events and even free tickets include:

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